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You breathe faster. You hear your heartbeat. You fix your goal. Then you start running. You throw a hi-rise pak on your shoulder and run up the HAIX Tower, pull with all your strength a donut roll up the tower. Quickly you leave the tower, climb and defeat the challenger force machine, sprint through the slalom course, grab the hose, pull it forward and extinguish the fire. Then you see him. Your final enemy. You pick up the dummy and pull it to the finish. You gasp, you are cheered, you - have - made it.

Experience these feelings on your own body at the FireFit Europe events!


The INTERSCHUTZ - a world leading trade fair for fire brigade, rescue, civil protection and security.

At the fair, producers from more than 50 nations will present their latest innovations in special equipment and accessories from the fire and rescue services. In addition, the event is characterized by a large number of demonstrations and lectures on the mentioned subject areas. Topics include fire, rescue, civil protection and security.

More than 1000 exhibitors and more than 150,000 visitors are expected.

Rules and Penalties

A competition would be no compition without rules and penalties.

Registration Fee

To let you join a unforgettable competitio, you have to pay a registration fee.


Experience a very special adventure right on the Rocky stairs at INTERSCHUTZ Hannover. More information here!


You can find out when registrations for our events open at registration.firefit-europe.de. We'll also keep you informed about all the news on our Facebook page, have a look!

European Championships

We are very happy to be able to host the European Open Championships at INTERSCHUTZ 2021 for the first time. Why open? Of course, athletes from non-EU countries may also participate. We look forward to seeing you!


For each of our events you will find tips and, if available, offers on accommodation on the corresponding event page.

FireFit Europe Events

All events that run under FireFit Europe can be found under the menu item Events. There you will find all information about the competition. If you miss something, please let us know -> mail@firefit-europe.de.
Next event: FireFit Gardelegen

Canadian Firefighting Competition. Fitter, Faster, Stronger!

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