European Championships

FireFit European Championships and INTERSCHUTZ Community Days 2021

From 14 to 20 June 2021, the FireFit European Championships will take place for the first time at the INTERSCHUTZ Community Days 2021.
As these are open European Championships, not only Europeans but also firefighters from all over the world can register for this competition.

On the first four days you can qualify for the European ChampionshipsAs long as a starting place is available, you can also run on several days to improve your qualifying time. On these days small award ceremonies take place where, for example, the winners of the day are honored.

Saturday and Sunday the European Championships take place. Only the participants who have qualified before may run here. The finals of the singles starts on Sunday and the tandems and relay races on Saturday.

Overview Competition Days (10am to 5pm):

Monday, June 14th - Qualificationday for Individual, Tandem X3 and Relay
Tuesday, June 15th - Qualificationday for Individual, Tandem X3 and Relay
Wednesday, June 16th - Qualificationday for Individual, Tandem X3 and Relay
Thursday, June 17th - Qualificationday for Individual, Tandem X3 and Relay
Friday, June 18th - Restday
Saturday, June 19th - European Championships, Tandem X3 and Relay Races (INTERSCHUTZ Community Day)
Sunday, June 20th - European Championships, Individiual Races (INTERSCHUTZ Community Day)

The FireFit European Championships 2021 is not affacted by the postponement of the INTERSCHUTZ! The competition will take place as planned in 2021, as long as such events will not be prohibited due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


We all wished it would not have happened, but we need to tell you that the FireFit European Championships will be postponed to June 14th - 20th, 2021.

We are very sorry for that but regarding the current situation here in Germany but also worldwide this is the best and most reasonable decision the INTERSCHUTZ could make. The health of each individual has the highest priority.

Please note:
All registrations + waiting lists will be valid for 2021!!

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