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14. - 20. June 2021

European Championships

The European Championships during INTERSCHUTZ Community Day 2021.

14. - 20. June 2021

25. - 26. June 2021


Tour stop two in Toruń, Poland!

21. - 22. August 2021


The third stop of the FireFit Europe Tour in Dortmund, Germany.

21. - 22. August 2021

11. - 12. September 2021


Follow the tour to Italy! The fourth stop in South Tyrol!

25. - 26. September 2021


Our tour doesn't stop at Croatia either!

25. - 26. September 2021

16. - 17. Oktober 2021


The last tour stop in Gardelegen, Germany.
--> You can find the FireFit of Canada event calendar here: Event Calendar

Canadian Firefighting Competition. Fitter, Faster, Stronger!

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