General regulations

General rules

The participant is responsible for participating, while the registration must be confirmed that the disclaimer has been read and agreed. The instructions of the referees must be obeyed. If there are risks for the participants or the public the competition can be interrupted. All stations must be executed without a break in the correct order.

Rules for equipment

In order to participate in the competition, the full personal protective equipment must be worn.

The spirit of the FireFit Event is to showcase the demands of Fire Fighting. It is a fire fighting competition and you are to be dressed as you would be at the scene of a fire. 

All competitors must compete in protective equipment. All turnout gear must be labelled for structural firefighting, including boots, helmet, gloves, pants & jacket and must have NFPA 1971 labels attached. Modification of gear null and voids the NFPA rating and will disqualify the gear from use on the course.

Competitor boots must meet all of the following requirements.

All boots must be labeled NFPA 1971 structural fire fighting boots.

Heels must be 1/2" to 1" high, minimum 90 - 135 degree angle.

Boots must be in good condition with no modifications allowed.

Gear must be worn in the same manner it would be as at the scene of a fire.

Resoled boots must be done so with approved NFPA 1971 vibram soles.  The soles that meet this standard are:  Montagna, Olympia.  Any other sole is not allowed.

In the individual the competition with connected SCBA takes place. When tandem or relay start is not connected. The SCBA and masks are provided by the organizator. If items are lost during the competition, they must be collected immediately. Only after completing the equipment may the station be continued. Modified or broken protective equipment must not be used. Visor and neck leather may be removed from the helmet. A fire protection cover is not required. The pants must cover the boots. The equipment will be checked by a referee before the start.

Canadian Firefighting Competition. Fitter, Faster, Stronger!

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