Synonym for chargeable light – also for explosion-proof areas.

With the development of the first chargeable lamps in the world, AccuLux set the bar for environment-friendly light back in 1955. We even received a gold medal for our Original 70 model at the 1958 World Exhibition in Brussels. Over 100 patents were registered for us throughout our more than 70 years of history. We developed high-tech working lamps with an emergency light function for the first time in 2000.

AccuLux – the world famous brand from Witte + Sutor GmbH!

Website: https://acculux.de/


Alpina Technologie supplies Fire Fighters with reliable and powerful equipment, such as G-Force nozzles or Blitzfire monitors, as well as flexible battery-powered PPV fans.

Website: https://alpina-technologie.de


The Askö GmbH Innovative Schutzausrüstung has nowadays over 50 years experience and competence as a producer and an importer for innovative, high quality work and protective gloves as well as personal protective equipment.

The company enjoys it’s good reputation in Germany and in other foreign countries thanks to brands like PATRON®, FIRE KEEPER®, BOXER ® - fire protection and ASKÖ® -protective gloves, cut and body protection that has become well known in the international market in time.

Website: https://www.askoe-online.de


The agon-sports company was founded in 2009 by two Olympic rowers for the production and sale of rowing clothing. This is still one of our core competencies today. As “the complete performance supplier”, we have been investing continuously in our further development and strengthening brands that we trust. With branches in Switzerland and Germany, agon-sports is now one of the most important sales partners for Assault Fitness throughout Europe. We stand for performance, enjoyment of cooperation and success. We are constantly expanding our range of products and services.

Website agon-sports: https://agon.fitness/
Website Assault Fitness: https://www.assaultfitness.com

Shop: https://airbike.shop/de/


As the world's leading manufacturer of breathing air systems, BAUER KOMPRESSOREN supports the FireFit competition with its own filling station on site. For 100% safe breathing air, the compressor is equipped with a B-DETECTION PLUS online measuring system, which continuously monitors the air quality for compliance with the limits of the breathing air standard DIN EN 12021:2014.
In addition, a B-VIRUS FREE filter ensures safe protection of the generated breathing air from corona. So that the participants can concentrate fully on the sporting challenge of the competition without any worries.

Website: https://www.bauer-kompressoren.de


Founded in 1898, Bullard is a leading manufacturer of high-quality personal protective equipment and systems that are marketed worldwide. Product lines include thermal imagers, hard hats, firefighter and rescue helmets, supplied air respirators, powered air-purifying respirators, and air quality equipment. Bullard is a fifth-generation family-owned enterprise whose employees are committed to excellence in every product category. The Company, headquartered in Cynthiana, Kentucky, is led by CEO Wells Bullard. The Board of Directors has been led by Edward “Jed” Bullard since 1998.

Durability, comfort, safety, quality and innovation are hallmarks of every Bullard product line. After operating for more than a century, Bullard is committed to excellence in the eyes of our customers, and we are proud that our products are widely known among users to be the “best in class.”

Website: https://www.bullard.com/


Dräger manufactures medical and safety technology products. In so doing, we protect, support, and save people's lives around the world in hospitals, with fire departments, emergency services, authorities, and in mining as well as industry.

Founded in Lübeck in 1889, Dräger has grown into a worldwide, listed enterprise in its fifth generation as a family-run business. Dräger has more than 14,500 employees worldwide and is present in over 190 countries around the globe. The company generated revenues of around 2.8 billion euros in 2019.

Website: https://www.draeger.com


The company D + VB has existed since January 2000.

D + VB is a sole proprietorship with currently 4 employees. We are primarily involved in the construction of technical components for two large customers: HYPOXI in Salzburg - world market leader in body treatment systems (vacuum systems, bicycle ergometers, controls) and SYCUBE in Vienna - unmanned bicycle rental systems (locking mechanisms and charging stations for e-bikes).

The owner, Ing.Franz Berthold, has been the fire brigade commander in Hetzmannsdorf since 1996 and was previously administrator for 14 years. The voluntary fire brigade Hetzmannsdorf has an ambitious competition group and thus in December 2012 the first prototype system was created using a laptop for practicing in the fire station.

With the system, an enormous motivation could be achieved through exact stopping and display of the time. At the same time, it enables you to practice in conditions such as the state performance competition and soon also in section performance competitions.

Website: http://www.elektronische-zeitnehmung.at/


METAL ARSENAL was founded in 1992 as an established family business that builds its success on more than 30 years of experience in the metal industry. The company has developed a number of products used to protect the environment, people and objects intended for use by rescue teams - especially firefighters and rescuers, in industry, logistics, hospitals, schools, shops, etc.

The flagship is the universal folding spill bund Eccotarp ET, which is used to capture escaping hazardous liquids and is used primarily by firefighters during accidents involving cars, trucks, etc.  All these products are made from PVC with a special surface treatment with resistant to oil substances, acids and other chemicals.

Except these ones, they also produce standardized ranges as well as fully customized products matching customer’s requirements. Eccotarp products help fire guards, rescue guards, hospital staff, during elimination of environmental accidents and spills, in logistics, in industrial warehouses, retail stores, offices, schools, etc. They cooperate with many distributors in Europe and all around the world.

Website: https://www.eccotarp.com/


Consultiv AG has been developing and producing protective clothing of the highest quality for over 30 years. As part of Consultiv AG, FIRELINER® GmbH takes care of sales and marketing.

Based in Winterthur and Weinstadt near Stuttgart, we serve customers in Switzerland, Germany and Europe. In these countries, our customers belong to the areas of fire brigade, rescue services, energy suppliers, police and rescue workers.

Website: https://fireliner.ch/


Wherever there’s a road, there’s a Ford.

Those that work on the road can rely on the service of Ford Trucks which operates from 30 domestic sale and service centrers, in nearly 50 foreign countries and across 3 continents, spanning an area from Russia to the Turkic Republics, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Sharing every load, everywhere around the world. 



It all began almost 150 years ago in the little Black Forest town of Neuenbürg near Pforzheim, Germany, when master rope-maker Friedrich Gollmer produced the very first hose in his own factory. This laid the foundations for GOLLMER & HUMMEL’s success.
Forever on the lookout for the perfect hose, the ‘mechanical hemp hose weaver and rope-making factory’ quickly made a name for itself with its numerous product innovations and great pioneering spirit. The hoses soon proved their worth in daily use, demonstrating their ability both in fighting flames and on all other real lifesaving missions – becoming more high-performance by the day.

Website: https://www.gollmer-hummel.net/


Tradition and high tech - do they go together? Fits like a glove! Or like HAIX shoes on the feet of heroes. Everything started very small. More than 70 years ago, company founder Xaver Haimerl added the X of his first name to the first three letters of his surname and began to manufacture hiking and work boots in Mainburg, Bavaria. In 1992 his son Ewald Haimerl developed the first leather fire fighting boot.

Website: https://www.haix.de/


INTERSCHUTZ is the world’s leading trade fair for the fire and rescue services, civil protection, safety and security. It is a magnet for companies from all around the world seeking to develop new markets for their solutions. It’s also the go-to show for pros wanting to learn about the latest innovations and share expertise with their international peers. INTERSCHUTZ is in a class of its own internationally when it comes to the quality and number of visitors and exhibitors it attracts.

Website: https://www.interschutz.de/


From a simple idea to something really big: Wilhelm Vorndamme invented the first “Vorndamme heat protection set” in 1907. Dipping the clothing in cool moisture before firefighting operations ensured that the nose and ears remained intact and brought Vorndamme to a new invention, the production of which began that same year. Every beginning is difficult, but production has been successful over the years, has been changed and improved: Today Isotemp is an established manufacturer of individual protective clothing in the field of flame, chemical and heat protection.

Website: https://isotemp.de


Since the end of the 1940s pioneering hydraulic products have been manufactured in Erlangen: Initially only for industrial applications, the rerailing technology division was added in 1955 and in 1972 LUKAS develop the first hydraulic cutter for rescue operations. This laid the foundation stone for an entire industry.

The pioneer of the rescue industry set the innovation trends and still today manufactures all products with precision and passion in the in-house production "Made in Germany". As part of the international IDEX Corporation, synergies between the continents can be used and the comprehensive know-how of the existing business units of the IDEX Fire & Safety family can be drawn upon. LUKAS is therefore able to act globally, exchange international application knowledge and bring high-performance hydraulic products to the market all over the world.

All for one common mission: Save time. Save lives.

Website: https://lukas.com


Respiratory protection device operators know the risks as soon as dust, dangerous goods and smoke particles are involved - at fire brigades and industrial companies. The cleaning and disinfection of respiratory protection technology is a top priority, but it is also time-consuming and involves contact with chemicals. As a hygiene expert with over 90 years of experience, MEIKO provides a remedy with TopClean M: The revolutionary cleaning and disinfection device for respiratory protection technology sets standards in terms of speed, efficiency and process reliability. The excellent hygiene results meet all safety guidelines in full compliance with the manufacturer's specifications. Breathing masks, lung regulators (under pressure) and SCBA carrying frames are processed fully automatically.

No aggressive immersion baths, no chemical contact, no long exposure times and, thanks to the lower chemical consumption and the closed system, no exceeding of the maximum workplace concentration: There is also no additional suction above the device. The innovative chemo-thermal process is the result of intensive cooperation with specialists from the professional fire service and leading manufacturers of respiratory protection technology.

Website: https://www.meiko-uk.co.uk


Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. is an industry-leading manufacturer and marketer of heavy-duty, portable electric power tools and accessories for professional users worldwide.

Since its founding in 1924, Milwaukee has focused on a single vision: To produce the best heavy-duty electric power tools and accessories available to the professional user. Today, the Milwaukee name stands for the highest quality, durable and reliable professional tools money can buy.

Milwaukee currently employs approximately 1,000 people globally. The company continues to set industry standards, targeting professional tool users of all types with a product line that includes more than 500 tools and over 3,500 accessories. Throughout its history Milwaukee’s commitment to quality remains steadfast, although the way that quality is ensured has changed drastically. Quality is designed in, using state-of-the-art technologies and sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

The people at Milwaukee are as much a part of the success as the tools themselves. All of Milwaukee's tool and accessory manufacturing operations have been arranged in manufacturing cells consisting of teams of motivated and empowered employees. Cellular manufacturing methods help Milwaukee employees focus on customer needs; allow for quick response to market demands; and increase employee productivity and product quality.

Website: https://milwaukeetool.eu


We - that are Vietnamese, Polish and German tailors specialised in quality bags. People who put all their strength and ability into our products . We - in the leadership of Andreas Harms and Thomas Busch - interpret our position as a responsible role model for quality products.

Our work for good products is our heart's desire. With this strength we secure healthy, fairly socially insured jobs for our international team. And we treat the environment with the same respect: we (almost) clean the wastewater produced during textile treatment to drinking water quality, and we can confidently describe finished fabric as completely skin-friendly. Our print jobs are also (almost) always climate-neutral. We are proud of all this and like to work for it.

With our products we like to be one thing: very close to your side. PAX bags should not only be reliable, practical and durable. We want them to be loyal companions in everything you do. And you do a lot, and it's almost always vital. That is why we want to be one step ahead in communication: Very close to you. Tell us what's better and what you want. We're working with your criticism so you can work better with our PAX bags.

Website: https://www.pax-bags.com



PBI Performance Products, Inc. produces the high performance PBI fiber. The PBI fiber is widely used in premium outer shell products for firefighter suits, industrial heat and arc flash protection and is also used in gloves and hoods for firefighters. PBI fabrics are the first line of defense on the fire ground. They are renowned for their unique combination of flame resistance, durability and comfort, which is why they are first choice in protection for the most extreme conditions.PBI offers a wide range of fabrics that meet the needs of every situation and work effectively as an integral part of the protective garment. Each fabric has different properties and applications, but every PBI fabric provides the required protection from heat and flame that an outer fabric must deliver.

All PBI fabrics deliver excellent tensile strength and will not become brittle, shrink or break open when exposed to flame and high temperatures. This means that the integrity of the internal layers of the garment is protected and the transfer of any radiant heat is slower, allowing more time for firefighters to escape to safety in a situation such as a flashover.

Website: https://www.pbiproducts.com


Energy systems from POLYMA perform their work reliably, far from any power grid. Whether it is the self-sufficient power supply for customers when the transformer is disconnected from municipal utilities and energy providers or the supply of electricity and light on construction sites and in civil defense - the areas of application are extremely diverse.

Website: https://www.polyma.net/


The RelyOn Nutec Fire Academy is a multidisciplinary training center in the port of Rotterdam. Fire brigades from all over the world have unusually realistic training opportunities available on an area of six hectares. The scenarios include industrial plants with tank farms, large-scale fires, internal fires and transport incidents. In addition to special courses, e.g. on lithium-ion batteries, liquefied natural gas and hydrogen, consulting and strategic crisis management are also offered.

Website: https://fire.relyonnutec.com


What started in an old farmhouse is now a company with a fully automated high-bay warehouse and in-house glove museum. Seiz Technical Gloves GmbH develops and sells technical hand protection and is considered the inventor of the textile firefighter's glove as well as the industry's technology leader. The Seiz family name has become a brand known primarily to firefighters and rescue services and, for some years now, also to winter sports fans worldwide. The sister company Seiz Industriehandschuhe GmbH focuses on the segment of the same name.
The foundation stone for this was laid in Metzingen in 1961. The idea was to produce high-quality protective gloves with a new fit and design. This philosophy, as well as the core values of cohesion, loyalty, determination, reliability and mutual appreciation, are still lived and valued in the company today. These values and the constant will to maket he gloves even better for the customers with ever new innovations is the basis of the company's success.

Website: https://www.seiz.de


As fire and rescue workers, you enjoy a high level of trust in matters of personal and environmental protection. We want to live up to this claim at S-GARD - and play a pioneering role in terms of ecological and social sustainability. We have therefore been a member of the Fair Wear Foundation since 2016. The independent, non-profit organization is committed to the fair production of textiles - and is therefore a real role model. We have our production facilities checked regularly according to strict quality standards - and in this way we continuously improve working conditions.

We are not satisfied with the standard.
Because you need a strong team.

Website: https://www.s-gard.de



TEXPORT® is a premium manufacturer of high performance protective clothing for firefighting. The company’s commitment to ensuring the highest standards of protection and comfort in its garments through ergonomics, innovative design and the use of high quality fabrics has earned the trust of firefighters around the world.

TEXPORT®’s mission is to create the best possible protection for firefighters and the company’s specialist research and the development team is constantly innovating and designing tomorrow’s solutions, combining the latest fabric technology with a unique understanding of ergonomics. It’s an ongoing process that ensures TEXPORT® products will continue to set new standards in firefighter protection around the world.

Website: https://www.texport.at


The vfdb is the expert network for protection, rescue and security.

For a safe life, the vfdb deals with current and future-oriented security issues.

As an expert network, the vfdb creates a dialogue platform through specialist presentations, ad-hoc working groups and participation in and organization of specialist conferences and trade fairs, e.g. Interschutz.

Website: https://www.vfdb.de

Canadian Firefighting Competition. Fitter, Faster, Stronger!

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